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Oriental Pack 1: Filip Leu + Ching

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FILIP LEU - The Book
Tattoo Life is proud to present a unique book dedicated to the life and art of Filip Leu. This unprecedented, encyclopedic volume spans the 40-year career of the Swiss master: with over 600 pages, over 1000 tattoos and thousands of photographs, it tells the story of an amazing artist, globally considered the greatest innovator of contemporary Oriental tattoo style.

FREE GIFT: a canvas shopper with the exclusive design by Filip Leu for Tattoo Life

288 pages of stunning tattoos, sketches and drawings that tell us all about the art of Ching. This book is a collection of extraordinary icons of Oriental tattoos, brought together in a unique volume, focused on the Taiwanese artist Orient Ching. Discover now his magical universe, populated by all the fantastic creatures of Oriental culture, folklore and tradition!

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FILIP LEU - The Book
FREE GIFT: a canvas shopper with the exclusive design by Filip Leu for Tattoo Life

We can say that Filip Leu’s life, tattooing, and art have flowed along at the same pace over the forty-year tattooist’ career that’s covered in this volume: one aspect influences another, thus revealing the reflection of a major personality.

He is the person who created the stylistic details that are commonly used today: for example, the way he creates a dragon, waves, or water, and the large-format backgrounds he provides for his subjects – skulls in particular – along with numerous studies of eyeballs and dragon claws. This book is a catalogue raisonné of the art of the great master: it is organized chronologically, following his brilliant creativity for decades. The three threads of life-tattoo-art weave together throughout the four decades covered in the volume: 2020-2010 / 2010-2000 / 2000-1990 / 1990-birth. It aims to build tattoo culture and awareness, but most of all to serve as a study compendium for any tattooist who truly wants to see, understand and study contemporary tattooing from the technical standpoint, through one of its greatest artists.

Buddhas in vivid bright colours, samurais, koi carp and dragons, women floating like leaves in the wind move across the body, accompanied by striking backgrounds of water, waves, flowers, breathing life into magnificent backpieces, frontpieces, bodysuits, sleeves and legs for you to study up close in detail.


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