Han’nya Brigade

Hannya Brigade, Tattoo Book

Han’nya Brigade


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Hannya is a famous icon of the Japanese tradition and undisputed protagonist of one of the editions in THE GOLDEN FLASH COLLECTION, the new series from Tattoo Life: a new publishing channel focused on research and discovery.



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The volume is the fruit of a project by Italian tattoo artist Fabio Gargiulo edited by Miki Vialetto, bringing together plates by over 200 international artists who offer their own spin on this famous mask, an important symbol in traditional Japanese Noh theatre.

«In Japan, the han’nya figure has been handed down from one century to the next, and transversally through the arts – first through oral tradition and then, thanks to literature, through painting, handicraft, and finally theatre. Today its appearance goes beyond the borders of Japan’s shores; it has seduced the West with pages of manga, various anime series, and tattoo art (horimono), which takes inspiration from Japanese tradition and re-proposes the patterns, colors and symbolic decorations of ukiyo-e prints. The han’nya continues to be frightening, yet it seems that once she is placed on the skin she also helps protect the wearer from evil influences, similar to the powerful and frightening guards (niō) which are placed at the sides of entryways to temples, to stand guard».
(from the introduction by Rossella Menegazzo)

Works by Filip Leu, Dalmiro, Ching, Stizzo, Joao Bosco, Vlady, Horichiro, Morg, Matt Collins, Chris Crooks, Otto D’Ambra, Federico Ferroni, Andrea Pallocchini, Stilian Smokov, Heinz, Rico, Horiei Shinshu, Rinzing, Alix Ge,Tomo and many more…

Text and contributions by: Miki Vialetto, Fabio Gargiulo, Rossella Menegazzo

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